Baby simple care tips

Baby simple care tips that you should know (P.1)

Everything in life isn’t always goes as we want, so you should know as much necessary experience as possible to take care of your baby better. There are some simple tips that you should know to not to be confused when it suddenly happen.

Baby simple care tips
Baby simple care tips
  1. Insect stings: when your baby has bitten by insect can cause itching, uncomfortable, crying. Meanwhile you should mix a drop of tea tree oil with a drop of olive oil then apply to the site of the insect bite your baby. In additional, to relieve itching, you can use a bit of oatmeal and place it into a thin cloth then roll them into a ball. Use this ball to compress to the itch. The baby is very naughty, like to squeeze into the dark place so you should remember to reserve these things in your house to be always available when you suddenly want to use.
  2. Abdominal pain: when your baby is abdominal pain, she often has reaction to signal out to you. The baby who still doesn’t know how to speak will be uncomfortable, cry for hours. In this situation, you should stop breastfeeding her and avoid allergenic common foods as eggs, oranges, onions, garlic, coffee, strawberries, cauliflower and foods that have a history of allergy. Abdominal massaging is a good solution to help her to be pleasant.
  3. Sunburn: your baby’s skin which sunburns will hurt your baby when touched. If your baby is sunburned, you should apply aloe cream on the skin to soothe burning wounds after bathing and drying her body. That type of cream can be purchased at every pharmacy.
  4. Diaper rash: you should change diapers for your baby every 2 hours even when you use any type of diaper. Do not prolong diaper time of your baby. It’s not good for your baby’s buttock skin and genital. With cloth diaper, you have to wash and dry it regularly. Use calendula gel or ointment to heal the rash. In additional, you can use green tea to bath the baby, green tea has very good anti-bacterial ingredients.
  5. A cold: if your baby has a stuffy nose, you can cut a few slices of onion, put them into a dish and place next to her bedside. If she has a runny nose, you should add a few slices of lemon into the water which use to bath her and put some slices of lemon into a dish then place near her bedside

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