8 paramount memorandums while taking care newborn

8 paramount memorandums while taking care newborn

Newborn is the newest member of the family and the happiness of the other members. For the best physically and mentally of baby, right from the early days, you should not forget the following basic principles in the process of taking care of your baby.

8 paramount memorandums while taking care newborn
8 paramount memorandums while taking care newborn

1. Always keep in mind to clean the environment around the baby

When taking care of baby, parents and caregivers should always be clean and clean the surrounding environment.  Always wash your hands with soap of antiseptic before carry, take care or feed the baby. Always cleaning the house, washing clothes and the feeding bottles, baby toys… The hygiene is always recommended for the baby because of higher risk of infection than adults a lot.

2. Lift and hold your baby correctly

You should use one hand to support the baby’s head and neck, while the other hand supports the buttock.  If you take the baby out with sling or baby stroller, always make sure that she is protected certainty by the observance of safety rules which are given by the manufacture. You absolutely don’t shake your baby. However you can swing gently while holding her.


3. Decide what kind of diapers to use

The newborn usually wets or dirties diapers at least 10 times a day. So you should make sure that reserve diapers are always available at home. When using diapers, you have to remember to keep the baby’s buttock, groin and diaper area always dry because the baby can be rash if the diaper is wet. In additional, you should use wet towels and rash cream which are recommended by doctors.

4. Breastfeeding should always be accompanied by belching

In a few days, the mothers will remember the signs when the baby is hungry. According to experts, the mothers should breastfeed only when the baby is hungry, but not too long. Accompany by the breastfeeding, you should let the baby belch to avoid bloating.

5. Sleep is the most important activity for baby

To grow well, your baby should sleep 12 to 16 hours every day. You really should keep bedroom cool, breathable and quiet for your baby to sleep better. Lullabies and gentle swinging will also help your baby fall asleep quickly.

8 paramount memorandums while taking care newborn
8 paramount memorandums while taking care newborn


6. Learn to coax the baby – Taking care newborn

To help your baby to stop crying, you should learn to understand the reason behind baby’s cries. One of the most common cause is bloating, so let your baby belch frequently, although your baby show that doesn’t really necessary.

Wrapping your baby in a towel, gently cooing, singing, let she listen to music… are effective ways to soothe her when she’s crying.

7. Always be calmness

No need to be angry of panic when you can’t control your baby’s action. Keep calm and enjoy every single moment with your baby. In additional, you should ignore all untimely and unwanted advices.

8. Don’t be hesitate to seek assistance

The secret of breastfeeding, balancing the baby’s sleep time or some tips to take care of your baby from people who have experience will be very good for the parents who are in the beginning. You can hire a full time maid to support yourself in the first months of your baby.


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